Current development in drug delivery system has been employed with an endeavour of enhancing the bioavailability, mask the taste of drug, rapid onset of action and improve patient compliance. An alternative approach of conventional dosage form is being employed to triumph over all these issues named as Orodispersible system. Over past three decades this novel dosage form gain a considerable attention as compared to other conventional solid dosage form such as tablet and capsules. ODTs dissolved or disintegrate within few seconds to a minute when put on the tongue, without need of water. ODT has an advantageous effect on paediatrics and geriatrics patients with dysphagia. Over the last decade, widespread advances in the formulation of ODTs have been executed in academia and industry that resulted in the emerging of a large number of patents. Products developed from ODT mechanics launched in the market in the 1980s, have grown bit by bit in demand and their product are rapidly escalating. Expanding in the technology forum for industrialized these systems include the use of lyophilization, cotton candy, sublimation, melt extrusion and direct compression in addition the conventional wet granulation processes and patent techniques. The present study focused on non-patent and patent citations concerning to ODT along with active ingredients, technique used and results of the innovations.
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