Following injury, the oral mucosa undergoes complex sequences of biological healing processes to restore homeostasis. While general similarities exist, there are marked differences in the genomics and kinetics of wound healing between the oral cavity and cutaneous skin. The lack of successful therapy for oral mucosal wounds has influenced clinicians to explore alternative treatments and potential autotherapies to enhance intraoral healing. The present in-depth review discusses current gold standards for oral mucosal wound healing and compares endogenous factors that dictate the quality of tissue remodeling. We conducted a systematic review of the literature on in vivo oral wound healing models and emerging regenerative therapies published during the past twenty years. Studies were evaluated by injury models, therapy interventions, and outcome measures. The success of therapeutic approaches was assessed, and research outcomes were compared based on current hallmarks of oral wound healing. By leveraging therapeutic advancements, particularly within in cell-based biomaterials and immunoregulation, there is great potential for translational therapy in oral tissue regeneration.
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