Orbital metastasis from renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is uncommon. Orbital tumor, as the first presentation of RCC, is rare as the majority of orbital metastases occur after a confirmed diagnosis of primary cancer. We report a case of the metastatic orbital tumor as the first manifestation of RCC, which presented with painless left eye proptosis for two months’ duration, associated with blurring of vision and diplopia. Otherwise, the systemic review was unremarkable. Examination showed left eye non-axial proptosis with a pulsatile, multilobulated mass over the left supraorbital area extending to the left frontal region, limited ocular motility, and impaired optic nerve functions. CT of the orbit showed a mass arising from the left frontal and greater wing of the left sphenoid bone, with infiltration to the left lateral rectus, left superior oblique, and lacrimal gland. Further systemic investigation with CT thorax, abdomen, and pelvis revealed left RCC with para-aortic nodes, lungs, and bone metastases. The patient was planned for palliative care.
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