An increasing number of articles on orthognathic surgery are published every year. This paper aims to provide a list of the top 100 cited articles on orthognathic surgery to help any professional level with interest in this topic and to map the trends of orthognathic surgery publications over time.
A bibliographic search (retrospective study) following STROBE guidelines was performed on Google Scholar (GS) and Dimensions with the term “orthognathic surgery” in the title, abstract, and keywords. The number of citations, citations per year, authors, and publication year were evaluated. A ranking was created in GS citations order with the top 100 cited articles and variables discussed individually. A graphical illustration of keywords was created using VOSviewer. These steps are fundamental in creating this list and relating it to all published articles on the topic.
A helpful list of the top 100 articles was developed to help professionals in entirely different manners. Virtual planning and complications in orthognathic surgery were the most cited topics, with a 95% confidence interval (P < .05). Some curiosities are discussed, such as increasing interest in surgery first and the relation between airway/obstructive sleep apnea and orthognathic surgery.
Bibliometric and altmetric analysis for free using Google Scholar and Dimensions is laborious but possible. Bibliometrics is a powerful tool to become actualized at any health professional level, from students to academics; and could save considerable effort and time for parties interested in the topic. Appropriate keywords are a crucial step to wider article dissemination.

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