The construct of the osteopathic structure-function models is reported as a cornerstone of clinical reasoning and treatment processes. Nevertheless, there are no shared procedures described for their use in clinical practice. The present narrative review aims to analyze a more comprehensive perspective on the phenomenon.
A structured narrative review was conducted A database search was conducted using Pubmed, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar. Peer-reviewed papers without specifying limits on dates and design were included.
Twenty-five findings were reported and grouped into two main themes: 1) Debate on models and theoretical frameworks for osteopathic care; 2) Clinical reasoning and decision-making process in the osteopathic field.
An integrated osteopathic care approach based on the structure/function models represents a starting point to establish a shared osteopathic diagnostic and clinical reasoning and an evidence-informed practice promoting health in an interdisciplinary person-centered care process. The present review highlights the limited amount of literature on using osteopathic conceptual models in decision-making and treatment strategies. A research plan is required to develop a common framework for an evidence-based osteopathic practice that promotes well-being in an interdisciplinary person-centered care process.

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