Subliminal transscleral cyclophotocoagulation (SL-TSCPC) is a new alternative therapy to reduce intraocular pressure (IOP) safely and effectively. However, there are few studies regarding SL-TSCPC by Supra 810 laser machine and limited data regarding its effectiveness in moderate severity glaucoma that still has good preservation of vision. This study was conducted to evaluate the outcome of SL-TSPCPC in various types of glaucoma including patients with good vision.
A retrospective, non-comparative, analytical case series of all patients who received SL-TSCPC treatment from October 2018 to April 2019 at Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan, Pahang, Malaysia. Data was collected during the second week, sixth week, third month and sixth month follow-up. The primary outcome measure gave success rate at six months post-treatment. Secondary measures were changes in visual acuity, mean IOP reduction, mean number of IOP lowering medications reduced and ocular side effects noted during follow-up.
The success rate was 43.8% (seven eyes out of sixteen eyes) at six months post-treatment. The mean IOP reduced from 43.0mmHg±14.8mmHg pre-treatment to 24.7mmHg±12.0mmHg at two weeks post treatment with 42.6% reduction. Subsequently, mean IOP at sixth week, third month and sixth month were 33.8mmHg±16.9mmHg, 35.2mmHg±14.9mmHg, and 29.0mmHg±16.2mmHg respectively. Vision maintained in 13 patients, two patients had improvement in vision however, five patients had deterioration in vision. No serious ocular side effects were noted.
Subliminal TSCPC is a safe and alternative method of lowering IOP in moderate to advanced glaucoma over 6 months duration of follow-up. As it has good safety profile and repeatability, it is a good treatment option for patients with uncontrolled glaucoma.