MYB Proto-Oncogene Like 2 (MYBL2) is a highly conserved member of the Myb family of transcription factors and plays a critical role in regulating cell proliferation and survival. Here we show that overexpression of MYBL2 is frequently observed in lung adenocarcinoma (LUAD) and significantly correlates with advanced stage and poor patient survival. Knockdown of MYBL2 induced apoptosis in lung cancer cells and resulted in significant inhibition of cell proliferation, migration, and invasion. Notably, we identified Non-SMC Condensin I Complex Subunit H (NCAPH) gene as a direct target of MYBL2. NCAPH expression is highly correlated with that of MYBL2 in LUAD cases and is tightly affected by MYBL2 knockdown or overexpression in vitro. Chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assays also showed that MYBL2 directly binds to the transcription start site (TSS) of NCAPH. Moreover, we provided evidence that NCAPH functions as an oncogene in lung cancer and overexpression of NCAPH could partially rescue cell death and migration blockage induced by MYBL2 knockdown. Together, these results suggest that overexpression of MYBL2 promotes proliferation and migration of lung cancer cells via upregulating NCAPH, establishing their roles as novel prognostic biomarkers as well as potential therapeutic targets for the disease.