Discs large-associated protein 5 (DLGAP5), a kinetochore fibers-binding protein, has been found to function as a oncoprotein in many cancers. However, its expression patterns in normal and cancer tissues across pan-cancer, as well as the cell lines, are far from clear.
Based on updated public databases and integrated several bioinformatics analysis methods. The associations between the expression, prognosis and cancer immune infiltrates in pan-cancer were investigated based on TCGA data combining with Tumor Immune Estimation Resource (TIMER). Finally, the analysis results of ccRCC were verified using cell lines via RNAi, western blotting, and the cytological analysis.
The results showed that the low expression levels of DLGAP5 were observed in 31 types of common human normal tissues. Furthermore, the survival probability of some cancers tested, including kidney cancer, were significantly related to the upregulated expression of DLGAP5. In addition, among 33 types of cancers tested, KIRC showed the significant positive correlations between elevated expressions of DLGAP5 and immune infiltration levels. DLGAP5 expression level was also significantly positive correlated with clinical TNM stage of ccRCC patients. With respect to ccRCC tissues and the cell lines, upregulation expression of DLGAP5 was also detected. Its knockdown inhibited the cells viability and proliferation, and compromised the cells migration and invasion.
DLGAP5 overexpression occurred in common human cancers, including the kidney cancers. Notably, ccRCC, seemed to be particularly sensitive to the expression. DLGAP5, therefore, may be as a robust independent prognostic biomarker in ccRCC diagnosis.

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