We aimed to evaluate the elevation of amylase and lipase enzymes in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients and their relationship with the severity of COVID-19.
In this study, 1378 patients with COVID-19 infection were included. Relation of elevated amylase and lipase levels and comorbidities with the severity of COVID-19 was analyzed. The effects of hemodynamic parameters and organ failure on pancreatic enzymes and their relations with prognosis were statistically analyzed.
The 1378 patients comprised 700 (51.8%) men and 678 (%49.2) women. Of all patients, 687 (49.9%) had mild and 691 (50.1%) patients had severe COVID-19 infection. Amylase elevation at different levels occurred in 316 (%23) out of 1378 patients. In these patients, the amylase levels increased 1-3 times in 261 and 3 times in 55 patients. Pancreatitis was detected in only 6 (%1.89) of these patients according to the Atlanta criteria. According to univariate and multivariate analyses, elevated amylase levels were significantly associated with the severity of COVID-19 (Odds Ratio [OR]: 4.37; p<0.001). Moreover, diabetes mellitus (DM) (OR: 1.82; p=0.001), kidney failure (OR: 5.18; p<0.001), liver damage (OR: 6.63; p<0.001), hypotension (OR: 6.86; p<0.001), and sepsis (OR: 6.20; p=0.008) were found to be associated with mortality from COVID-19.
Elevated pancreatic enzyme levels in COVID-19 infections are related to the severity of COVID-19 infection and hemodynamic instability. In a similar way to other organs, the pancreas can be affected by severe COVID-19 infection.

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