A screening of inhibitory activity of α-amylase, as well as pancreatic lipase (PL), under the influence of aqueous and ethanolic preparations from 12 plant materials was performed. The most active aqueous extracts from the fruits of Chaenomeles japonica (CJ) and Hippophaë rhamnoides (HR) were selected for artificial gastrointestinal digestion (GID). The aim of this study was to evaluate the inhibitory effect of the fractions obtained after GID on PL and α-amylase activities using a fluorescence assay. The changes in the composition of crude extracts in GID aliquots were followed by analysis with HPLC-DAD-MS method in order to indicate active constituents. The main constituents of CJ and HR extracts were procyanidins and isorhamnetin derivatives, respectively. The most abundant compounds of extracts were found in all compartments of the digestion model correlated with relevant lipase/α-amylase inhibitory activity. What is more, the gastric and intestinal fractions inhibited enzymatic activity by at least 40%.
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