Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients may be at increased risk of Covid-19 mortality due to the nature of their disease or underlying conditions.
The information of 12,909 Covid-19 patients who were hospitalized during the last eleven months were collected from the data depository of two referral university hospitals. Eighty-seven of these patients were diagnosed with PD, and thirty-one of these PD patients died because of Covid-19. 2132 other deaths occurred in these centers, related to Covid-19 of non-PD patients. Fisher exact test, Chi-square test, and Principle component analysis were used for statistical analysis.
The mortality among PD patients and other hospitalized patients was 35.6% and 19.8%, respectively, and the difference between the mortality of these two groups was found to be statistically significant (p-value0.05). Alzheimer’s disease as an underlying condition was more frequent in deceased PD patients in comparison to survived PD patients, and this difference was found to be statistically significant (p-value<0.01).
PD patients possess a higher rate of Covid-19 mortality in comparison with other patients hospitalized for Covid-19. PD pathophysiology, advanced age, underlying conditions, and health systems’ efficacy may play an essential role in such an outcome.

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