As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, departments had to adapt their activities, jeopardizing patient’s best interests. Our aim is to evaluate the patient’s perspective to the implementation of SARS-CoV-2 measures in a gastroenterology department in a Portuguese Hospital.
A survey with 13 questions was created and available to patients with at least one gastroenterology appointment at our center in the year 2019.
Nine hundred seventy-three patients completed the survey, 51.6% (n = 502) females, and 82.6% (n = 804) with less than 65 years of age. 50.7% of 962 patients were not working. 49.5% had an appointment for monitoring a suspected or established inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). 76.8% and 69.6% subjects agreed in postponing endoscopic and non-endoscopic procedures, respectively. 93.6%, 94.3% and 95.7% patients declared to be worried about the postponing of endoscopic procedures, non-endoscopic procedures and medical visits, respectively. 88.8% supported remote consultations and 77.3% were satisfied with this type of appointment, independently of the age group (P = 0.66). 80.9% of IBD patients treated with immunosuppression or biologics were concerned about a severe infection by COVID-19.
A great part of our respondents belong to IBD appointments. The majority of our patients agreed in postponing procedures, although they feel concerned. Almost all patients supported remote consultations and most patients found them positive.