Meningiomas are an uncommon entity in children and adolescents. <30 cases of pediatric clear cell meningioma (CCM), a World Health Organization (WHO) Grade II tumor, have been reported in the literature. These tumors are more likely to recur than the more common WHO Grade I meningiomas, especially with incomplete surgical resection. CCMs are most commonly found in the spine and posterior cranial fossa. Recently, SMARCE1 mutations have been linked to the development of CCM. To evaluate the progression of pediatric CCM in the context of emerging genetic knowledge, we reviewed all 45 cases of CCM at our institution for a 23 year period (1997-2019) to identify pediatric cases. Forty-four of the tumors arose in adults from age 34-81 years. The one pediatric case originally presented at age 4 years; the patient was found to have a CCM in the left cavernous sinus projecting into the posterior fossa, associated with a novel germline SMARCE1 mutation and somatic NF1 and DMD mutations. After two years, the patient had a recurrence of the tumor and underwent a second resection. This is the 5th reported case of CCM in the middle cranial fossa, and the only recurrent case, as well as the only reported case of recurrent pediatric CCM associated with a germline SMARCE1 mutation. Further study of the natural history of tumors associated with germline SMARCE1 loss could potentially inform prognosis.
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