To assess long-term outcomes of Lichen Sclerosus (LS) in the female pediatric population, specifically in relation to patient age, treatment type and duration, and remission.
Retrospective chart review was conducted to identify female pediatric patients (0-18 years of age) who were diagnosed with LS between 1/1/2015 and 1/1/2020 at the University of North Carolina Dermatology and/or OB/GYN Departments. Patients were contacted via telephone for follow-up interviews consisting of a series of questions regarding patient age, symptom onset, time of diagnosis, treatment, and current symptoms.
Out of the 128 patients identified, 61 patients consented and participated in follow-up interviews. At the time of study follow-up, 90% of participants reported their symptoms were improved. Patients reported using a variety of treatments, with medium- to high-potency topical steroids being the most common. At the time of follow-up, 87% of patients reported being asymptomatic, 70% of which were not using any form of maintenance therapy. Those who achieved symptom resolution did so at an average of 8.4 years of age. There was no significant difference in ages between asymptomatic patients on maintenance therapy and off maintenance therapy. There was a positive correlation found between the duration of LS treatment and time in remission (p<0.001). Increased patient age at time of follow-up also correlated positively with time in remission (p<0.001).
In our cohort, the need for continued maintenance therapy was not correlated with age or, by proxy, pubertal status. Thus, LS remission may be determined more by early and successful pharmacological interventions.

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