Lack of knowledge/awareness of people living with hepatitis B (PLH) often leads to misinformation and stigmatization. This study aimed to assess the contribution of the clinical pharmacist (CP) led education on knowledge of PLH about their disease.
This prospective, cross-sectional study was carried out between October 1, 2017 – April 1, 2018, at infectious disease and gastroenterology outpatient clinics in a university hospital. All PLH were interviewed face to face by a CP and a questionnaire about hepatitis B virus (HBV) knowledge was applied both at the beginning of the study (first interview) and 3 months later (second interview). Correct information was provided verbally to the patients by the CP concerning their incorrect answers during the first interview. A 10% increase in the number of correct answers was targeted for the second interview.
A total of 147 PLH with a mean age of 43.05±13.25 years were included in the study (55.8% female). In the first interview, the mean (±standard deviation) number of correct answers was 35.53±9.15 out of 51 questions. In the second interview, correct answers were 48.67±2.74 with an increase of 25.8% (p1081$, and university graduates. The number of correct answers to all questions but one were elevated (p<0.001) in the second interview. Answers to the question 'there is a carrier state in chronic hepatitis B (CHB)' did not change (p=0.125).
Significant improvement was observed in the correct answer rate after CP’s contribution, therefore as a team member, CP has an important role in improving patients’ knowledge and attitude towards HBV infection.

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