Complete treatment of cancer remains a major challenge today. Herein, a biocompatible drug delivery system named as PCM + PTX@mPBs/PEG was constructed. In this system, Paclitaxel (PTX) was blended with phase-change material (PCM) and loaded in mesoporous Prussian blue nanoparticles (mPBs), and chelated with polyethylene glycol at surface. The blank PCM@mPBs/PEG had uniform particle size distribution, large pore size to load drug, excellent photothermal efficiency and good biocompatibility. After loading PTX, PCM + PTX@mPBs/PEG was demonstrated with a high loading capacity and the drug presented temperature-responsive release characteristics. In addition, PTX can be released under the exposure of an NIR laser. In vitro cell experiments showed that nanoparticles can be exposed to near-infrared irradiation to increase uptake in cells, which enhanced anticancer activity. After tail vein injection of PCM + PTX@mPBs/PEG suspension in tumor-bearing mice, PCM + PTX@mPBs/PEG can accumulate at the tumor site through passive transport. The tumor was effectively suppressed by phototherapy and chemotherapy with few side effects. In summary, compared with photothermal therapy or chemotherapy alone, the prepared PCM + PTX@mPBs/PEG showed synergistic photothermal and chemotherapeutic effects on cancer treatment of mice.
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