Physical inactivity, prolonged sitting, and unhealthy dietary habits are common in Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) drivers. These factors increase risk of long-term health conditions.
329 HGV drivers across 25 UK depots completed a health assessment, including questionnaire completion, and objectively measured anthropometrics, blood biomarkers, physical activity (PA) and sedentary behaviour.
The sample demonstrated a high-risk cardiometabolic health profile. 88.1% were overweight or had obesity, 11.9% had pre-diabetes or diabetes. 28.3% had hypertension, 83.6% had clinically elevated circulating LDL-cholesterol concentrations (>2mmol/l), and 66.6% had high total cholesterol levels (>4 mmol/l). On workdays drivers accumulated 12 hrs/day of sitting, 1.7 hrs/day of light PA (LPA) and 9.8 mins/day of moderate-to-vigorous PA. Associations between LPA and cardiometabolic markers were observed.
This sample presents high levels of inactivity, overweight and obesity, and unhealthy cardiometabolic health profiles.

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