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1) According to an AAO IRIS® Registry Analysis, the overall prevalence of dry eye disease (DED) was about 30% in patients 3 months prior cataract surgery, but only what percent of patients were treated for DED prior to surgery?

a) 3%
b) 13%
c) 23%
d) 33%

The Answer is A.


2) A study team evaluated the frequency of microneuromas on in-vivo confocal microscopy and their relationship to dry eye and whether certain nerve features can identify neuropathic ocular pain. According to the results, dry eye symptoms and signs—including features suggestive of neuropathic ocular pain—did not differ by the presence of microneuromas.

a) True
b) False

The Answer is A.


3) According to the results, the average time to developing Grade 4 DED after allogeneic HSCT was 10 months in patients with low vitamin A levels, compared to how many months for those with normal vitamin A levels?

a) 16 months
b) 28 months
c) 34 months
d) 41 months

The Answer is B.


4) New data from what clinical trial presented at AAO 2020 demonstrated safety and efficacy of OC-01 (varenicline) nasal spray in the treatment of the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease in adults?

a) ARCHWAY Trial
b) RESCUE Trial

The Answer is D.