Plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment is a relatively novel and growing minimally invasive aesthetic skin procedure. The treatment claims to rejuvenate skin by improving facial lines, wrinkles and skin pigmentation associated with photo-ageing. The skin is often anaesthetised prior to the procedure with topical creams such as EMLA (Eutectic mixture of local anaesthetics). We present the first case of bilateral chemical eye injury following plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment secondary to EMLA cream. EMLA cream was inadvertently administered to both eyes in preparation for the treatment.
A patient was referred from the emergency department to a tertiary ophthalmology centre with bilateral exquisite eye pain, inability to open the eyes, photosensitivity and reduced vision. She underwent cosmetic plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment at her local salon four hours earlier. She was found to have bilateral alkali chemical eye injuries with significant diffuse corneal epithelial loss. The injury was thought to be caused by inadvertent ocular exposure to EMLA cream, which was used in preparation for the plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment. She was treated with topical antibiotics and achieved satisfactory recovery.
This case report highlights a possible complication following plasma fibroblast skin tightening treatment. We lay emphasis on the importance identifying chemical injury and recommend that medication attention should be sought if there is any concern.