May 22, 2024

Ableism and Antiableism: What You Need to Know

In This Episode

PW Editorial Board member Alex McDonald, MD (Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group), speaks with Joanna Bisgrove, MD (Rush Universitiy), who has broken remarkable boundaries as a hard-of-hearing physician. As a physician with a disability, Dr. Bisgrove is determined to advocate for a country where there are no barriers for persons with disabilities anywhere.

In this conversation, Dr. Bisgrove shares insights on ableism and antiableism. Also discussed is the pioneering work of Dr. Phil Zazove, whose groundbreaking efforts in family medicine particularly advanced healthcare access and outcomes for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Dr. Zazove’s work has not only influenced public health policies but also inspired healthcare professionals nationwide, including Dr. Bisgrove, to think differently about patient communication and inclusivity. This discussion aims to provide the framework for understanding able-ism and anti-ableism, fundamental concepts all physicians should know!

Enjoy listening!

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Alex McDonald, MD

Alex McDonald, MD

PW Editorial Board member 
Southern California Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

Scott Nass, MD

Joanna Bisgrove, MD

Rush University