Heart failure (HF) is a health problem in Spain where the prevalence rate for this disease is correlated with aging. Heart failure-related mortality and hospital readmissions are high. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical features of patients with HF hospitalized in the Department of Internal Medicine as well as factors associated with readmission and intra-hospital mortality.
We conducted a cross-sectional, descriptive, and retrospective study based on the review of the clinical records of patients with primary diagnosis of HF in the Basic Minimum Set of Data (BMSD, Conjunto Mínimo Básico de Datos),who were discharged from the Department of Internal Medicine of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital (HCSC) in 2014.
The study involved 199 patients, with an average age of 82.7 years (61.8% were females); 85% of them had left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) > 40%, with an average pro-BNP of 9.101,3 pg/ml and 64.3% had ongoing atrial fibrillation. Thirty point two percent of patients were readmitted within 30 days, with an average rate of readmission/year of 1.45 (±0.86). Twenty five percent of patients died during the follow-up period in hospital. Among factors associated with intra-hospital mortality, older age was an associated variable (OR 1,050)(1,002-1,101) (p = 0.04). The most important factors associated with early readmission were polypharmacy (p = 0.024) as well as pluripathology based on Ollero criteria 4,974 (1,396-17,730) (p = 0.024). Patients hospitalized for HF in our Department are elderly patients treated with polymedication.
Patients hospitalized for cardiac insufficiency are older and are characterized by pluripathology and polypharmacy. Short-term prognosis is associated with high rates of readmission and mortality in hospitalmainly for patients suffering from kidney disease and/or neurological disorders.

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