Human papillomavirus type-16 (HPV16) is classified into lineages, A, B, C and D and 10 sub-lineages portraying variable infectivity, persistence, and cytological outcomes, however, with geographical variations. Our objective was to delineate the distinctive features of lineages among cervical squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) in the eastern region of India. A total of 145 SCC cases and 24 non-malignant specimens, harboring episomal HPV16, were included. The presence of higher proportion of lineage A over D was observed among SCC cases (86.89% A1, 8.97% D1 and 4.14% D2), while only A1 sub-lineage viruses were found among control specimens. Among the A1 viruses, an association of variants in the E5 (Y44L, I65V), E6 (L83V) genes and LCR: C7577T with SCC, with combined Odd’s ratio (95% CI) of 20.5(4.61-91.25) was observed. Network analyses revealed the presence of 10 clades of lineage A viruses comprising of 64 HPV16 genomes harboring the risk alleles. High episomal HPV16 DNA copy numbers (adjusted p-value= 0.0271) and E7 mRNA expression (p-value=0.000017) predominated in SCC with lineage A, over D. Our study highlights the distinctive modalities of oncogenicity among different HPV16 lineages.
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