Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease and a major health threat. Comorbidity of celiac disease and diabetes is associated with many complications in children, and if not diagnosed in time in diabetes children, caused complications, including gastrointestinal disorders, most importantly, growth disorders. Thus, this study aims to summarize the evidence about prevalence of celiac disease in children with type 1 diabetes through a systematic review approach.
A literature review was conducted within databases. Observational studies that assessed the prevalence of celiac disease in diabetes children, were included. We assess the quality of included studies with STROBE checklist. Data extraction and assessment has guided by PRISMA checklist. Also, the data has reported by Garrard’s table.
31 studies included that assessed 63,349 children with type 1 diabetes. Anemia, osteoporosis, and neurological disorders reported. Studies showed two main type of tests for diagnosis of CD included serological and intestinal biopsy. The prevalence of CD based serologic tests was higher than of intestine biopsy (1.4%-24.5% VS 1.1%-16.6%). In addition, the prevalence of celiac disease was different between populations.
Celiac disease is an important comorbidity in children with type 1 diabetes, especially because of the similarity between CD symptoms and neuropathic and gastrointestinal symptoms of diabetes. Screening the diabetes children for celiac disease by serological tests and then intestinal biopsy is recommended.

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