To evaluate the treatment results of Ilizarov microcirculation reconstruction technique for chronic wounds in the post-traumatic ischemia limbs.
Between January 2016 and July 2019, 7 cases of chronic wounds in the post-traumatic ischemia limbs were treated. There were 5 males and 2 females, with an average age of 42.4 years (range, 29-66 years). The duration of the wound ranged from 1 month to 2 years (mean, 7.7 months). The wounds located in the leg (3 cases) or in the foot and ankle (4 cases). The wound sizes ranged from 4.0 cm×2.2 cm to 12.0 cm×7.1 cm. There were 1 case of tibial varus, 3 cases of equinovarus, 1 case of scleroderma, and 2 cases of Volkmann’s ischemic contracture. After debridement, external fixators were used for tibial transverse transport, or correction of tibial varus and correction of equinovarus.
All patients were followed up 8-20 months, with an average of 13 months. The infection of wound surface was all controlled in 7 cases and the granulation tissue grew well; the wound surface healed directly in 5 cases and healed after skin grafting in 2 cases, and the wound healing time was 1-3 months (mean, 1.7 months). During the follow-up, there was no recurrence of the wound. Six cases of limb deformity were corrected.
For the chronic wounds in the post-traumatic ischemia limbs, Ilizarov microcirculation reconstruction technique can effectively improve local circulation and facilitate the fresh granule growth and wound healing.