: To describe the primary tumour type, clinical features, treatment and outcome of patients with Iris metastasis.: Retrospectively analyzed articles published from 1934 to 2019 in the PubMed database.: In total, 133 eyes of 125 patients with iris metastatic carcinoma were retrieved. The average age at metastasis diagnosis of the patients was 56 ± 15 years; 60 left eyes and 49 right eyes were involved. The most common primary tumors were lung carcinoma (42%) and breast carcinoma (15%). Approximately one-third of the patients were first diagnosed in the ophthalmology department before the primary tumor was detected. Twenty-two percent of iris metastases were discovered before and 33% were discovered after systemic metastasis. The most common complaints were blurred vision and pain. The clinical features included iris masses, neovascularization and keratic precipitates. 57 patients (64%, N = 90) had an elevated intraocular pressure. Local administration of radiation therapy or intraocular injections of anti-VEGF drugs relieved eye discomfort and controlled the high intraocular pressures.: Iris nodules with increased intraocular pressure and neovascularization may indicate iris metastasis. Lung cancer is the most common primary tumor.