The aim: To study the clinical and epidemiological peculiarities of measles in adults according to the data of the Regional Clinical Infectious Disease Hospital in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.
Materials and methods: The article analyzes the epidemiological and clinical features of 113 cases of measles among adults who undergone inpatient treatment in 2017-2018. The diagnosis was confirmed by the detection of antiviral Ig M antibodies. Determination of the genotype of the virus was performed in Regional WHO Reference Laboratory in Luxembourg.
Results: The genotype of the measles virus was MVs/Cambridge GBR/5.16 D8 is circulating through the region territory. In 98.3% of adult patients a typical clinical picture of moderate severity was observed. Measles was accompanied by complications such as acute bronchitis (23.9%), reactive hepatitis (13.3%), reactive pancreatitis (10.6%) andpneumonia (7.1%).
Сonclusions: The following epidemiological peculiarities in adult patients with measles: young people are mostly ill, urban residents are not vaccinated, partly vaccinated or with an unknown vaccine status. There was a change in the genotype of the virus of measles circulating in the Ivano-Frankivsk region: in 2012 genotype MVs/ManchesterGBR/10.09D4was confirmed, now the genotype of the measles virus is MVS/ CambridgeGBR/5.16D8. In 98 (86.73%) patients was a typical clinical picture of the disease, of moderate severity. Among the complications of the disease were diagnosed: bronchitis and pneumonia (23.9% and 7.1% respectively), reactive hepatitis and reactive pancreatitis (13.3% and 10.6%).