Previous studies detected higher Golgi protein 73 levels in the serum of patients with chronic liver disease. The Beta-2 microglobulin levels were also observed to be higher in patients with chronic hepatitis B infection compared to the inactive carriers and the protein plays an important role in the response to viral infections. The aim of the present study was to assess the liver fibrosis through non-invasive methods in chronic hepatitis B patients. Three groups were included in the study. The first group comprised of the patients who were admitted to the Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology clinic to undergo a liver biopsy, while the second group included the patients who were admitted inactive hepatitis B carriers. The third group comprised the healthy controls. The Golgi p-73 and Beta-2 microglobulin levels in the plasma were determined using the ELISA method. Beta-2 microglobulin level was highest in the patients group and the difference was statistically significant. No significant difference was observed between the carriers group and the group of healthy controls. The Golgi P-73 values were significantly higher in the patients group in comparison to both other groups. However, the mean Golgi p-73 value was also significantly higher in the carrier group compared to the control group. In patients who are followed up with the diagnosis of chronic hepatitis B and who have undergone biopsies as candidates for treatment, the Beta-2 microglobulin and Golgi p-73 values may be important markers since they indicate the extent of the liver damage.