Psoriasis, which is a chronic, immune-mediated skin disease of unknown etiology, not only affects the skin, but also is linked to many systemic conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, depression, and malignancy. Although many types of eye involvement are encountered in psoriasis patients, dry eye is the first among them. Uveitis is an entity that can be associated with psoriasis and can cause severe vision loss as a result of late diagnosis, inadequate and inappropriate treatment. In this review, we aimed to shed light on the diagnosis, type, prognosis and treatment of uveitis in psoriasis patients by compiling current datas obtained from published studies and to guide the follow-up and treatment of these patients.
A systematic literature search was done on PubMed using key words including “psoriasis”, “psoriatic arthritis”, “uveitis”, “TNF- inhibitors”, “HLA B27”.
In the literature, the frequency, type and treatment of uveitis developing in the course of psoriatic arthritis are clearly defined. However, the coexistence of psoriasis and uveitis has not yet been clarified due to few numbers published studies and designs of these studies. Since we examined the existing studies, we determined that the coexistence of psoriasis and uveitis could be acute or insidious, and the probability and severity of uveitis increased as the severity of skin and joint involvement increased. In addition, we found that psoriasis-associated uveitis can be bilateral, chronic, severe progression and with a high recurrence rate.
The relations between non-arthritic psoriasis and uveitis have not yet been fully elucidated. Physicians who treat these diseases must be cautious, and refer their patients who have psoriasis to an ophthalmologist for periodic examination, even if they do not have eye symptoms. On the other hand, ophthalmologists must be careful in uveitis patients in terms of skin and joint involvement, and must not overlook the underlying disease.

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