“Psychiatric rehabilitation In schizophrenia Psychiatric rehabilitation is based, on the one hand, on a conception of care oriented towards the search for recovery and, on the other hand, on specific evaluation and therapeutic tools (cognitive remediation, psychoeducation and social skills training in particular) designed to highlight and strengthen the decision-making and action capacities of people with schizophrenia or, more generally, a serious mental illness. The implementation of psychiatric rehabilitation includes 5 steps: commitment to care, which makes it possible to establish a positive therapeutic relationship and assess availability for rehabilitation; multidisciplinary evaluation, which highlights the capacities and limitations, as well as the objectives and needs of the person; co-construction of the psychiatric rehabilitation and recovery project; psychiatric rehabilitation care (including: psychoeducation, cognitive remediation and social skills training); generalization and transfer based on the implementation of the benefits of the treatment sessions in the person’s life context. Overall, psychiatric rehabilitation takes into account the needs and demands of people and promotes the success of their own projects.”