This study aimed to examine the potential changes in enamel surface of human smokers’ teeth.
Forty extracted permanent, human, noncarious anterior teeth were used in this study. Half of these teeth were obtained from heavy smokers, while the other half of teeth were collected from nonsmokers (control teeth). The teeth were then subjected for scanning electron microscopic examination together with energy dispersive X ray and micro-hardness analysis to evaluate the qualitative and quantitative effect of smoking respectively.
SEM of smokers’ teeth showed variable degrees of destruction from small areas of demineralization as holes and pits to destruction and deterioration of the organizational pattern of the rod substance. Moreover, areas of defective remineralization were detected. The microhardness, calcium and phosphorus weight % significantly decreased whereas the Ca/P ratio was significantly increased.
Cigarette smoking adversely affected the ultrastructure and mechanical properties of enamel and even hindered the normal remineralization process thus cigarette smoking cessation should be promoted in the dental office daily practices.

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