The increasing prevalence of obesity worldwide necessitates the provision of support for many patients. Patients with obesity appreciate receiving advice from doctors. Previous studies have qualitatively explored clinicians’ counseling for weight loss; however, this is limited to primary physicians or general practitioners working in community health centers. In contrast, Korean Medicine Doctors (KMDs) have treated patients with obesity using a holistic approach with a multicomponent approach on counseling. However, there is currently no data regarding KMDs’ consulting practices for weight loss. Therefore, the present study will explore KMDs’ experience in counseling for weight loss and describe the constituents of counseling for weight loss in Korean medicine practice.
This qualitative study utilizes a phenomenological framework. The KMDs who have worked >1 year as practitioners in treating patients with obesity will be invited to describe their lived experiences of counseling patients for weight loss. Purposive and snowball sampling will be undertaken to ensure that the sample provides information-rich cases that are representative of KMDs’ experiences of counseling for weight loss. Face-to-face, individual, and semi-structured interviews will be conducted with the participants, which will be analyzed using a phenomenological method.
Ethical approval was granted by the Human Research Ethics Committee of the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine (I-1908/006-001). The results will be disseminated via journal articles and conference presentations.
Korean Clinical Trial Registry, KCT0004985.