Intrauterine pathologies are common in postmenopausal women and clinicians must identify signs and symptoms accurately to provide the adequate diagnosis and treatment. The quality of life (QoL) and sexuality of women are important outcomes to be considered to provide adequate clinical management of the postmenopausal patient with gynecologic pathologies. The aim of this paper is to propose a simple and replicable three-step multidisciplinary approach to evaluate the psychological outcomes of postmenopausal women with intrauterine pathologies, focusing on the role of hysteroscopy. In particular, the article describes three evaluation steps of those psychological outcomes corresponding to three fundamental moments of the patient’s diagnostic and therapeutic path: the initial symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. In our viewpoint, the standard use of such a protocol might considerably improve the QoL of postmenopausal patients undergoing hysteroscopic procedures due to intrauterine pathologies.