Liver biopsies to determine the cause of unclear hepatopathy and acute liver failure represent a diagnostic hallmark and require close cooperation between clinicians and pathologists. The commonly acute presentation of hepatic dysfunction warrants a rapid diagnosis. Infectious causes of hepatitis may be identified by the pathologist, supporting further diagnostic and therapeutic steps.
Rare infectious causes of hepatic dysfunction with distinct histomorphological features are presented.
Retrospective cases of liver biopsies for evaluation of hepatic dysfunction with infection confirmed by laboratory tests were selected from the archive of the institute of pathology of TUM and evaluated for morphologic diagnostic criteria.
Infections with adenovirus, Herpes simplex virus, Hepatitis A virus, and coxiella burnettii are rare findings in liver core biopsies but able to cause hepatic dysfunction that present with distinct histomorphologic alterations that can contribute to the identification of the causative agent. Rare infectious causes should be considered in any patient presenting with hepatic dysfunction of unknown etiology. Knowledge of the histomorphologic criteria by the pathologist is crucial to initiate further diagnostic testing and treatment.

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