: The efficacy and safety of trabectedin/pegylated liposomal doxorubicin (trabectedin/PLD) in patients with recurrent ovarian cancer have been demonstrated in randomized clinical studies. Real-world evidence is a subsequent necessary step for completing information from clinical practice. In the case of trabectedin/PLD, this evidence derives from prospective studies, retrospective analyses, and case series.
: The present narrative review provides the most relevant data about efficacy and safety of trabectedin/PLD in real-world studies, and the interpretation of the experience with trabectedin/PLD in clinical practice for patients with recurrent ovarian cancer.
: Trabectedin/PLD has a proven antitumor activity that is maintained when administered in advanced lines. Trabectedin/PLD in patients who have relapsed between 6 and 12 months have showed comparable survival outcomes than platinum-based regimens. Moreover, the administration of trabectedin/PLD was associated with a positive survival trend after two previous platinum lines and a significantly superior PFS after subsequent platinum-based therapy. Additionally, the activity of trabectedin seems to be increased in patients with -mutated ovarian cancer. Overall, real-word evidence has confirmed that trabectedin/PLD is an effective and safe non-platinum combination for advanced lines of chemotherapy in patients with platinum-sensitive recurrent ovarian cancer.