The age at which women have their first child is increasing. This change represents a major health problem to society because advanced maternal age is related with a decay in fertility and an increase in the incidence of a variety of pregnancy complications and offspring health issues. The ovary stands as the main contributor for female reproductive ageing because of the progressive age-related decrease in follicle number and oocyte quality. Loss of redox homeostasis and establishment of an ovarian oxidative microenvironment are seen as major underlying causes for such downfall and impairment of ovarian function. Thus, the use of antioxidants to preserve fertility became an important field of research. In this review, new insights on mechanisms underlying the establishment of oxidative stress and its repercussions on ovarian ageing are addressed, along with the current state of knowledge on antioxidant supplementation and its contribution for healthy ageing and extension of ovarian lifespan.
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