Obesity and cirrhosis are associated with poor hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine responses, but vaccine efficacy has not been assessed in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Sixty-eight HBV-naïve adults with NAFLD were enrolled through the Canadian HBV network and completed three-dose HBV or HBV/HAV vaccine (Engerix-B, or Twinrix, GlaxoSmithKline). Anti-HBs titers were measured at 1-3 months post third dose. In 31/68 subjects enrolled at the coordinating-site, T-cell proliferation and follicular T-helper cells (pTFH) were assessed using PBMC. Immune response was also studied in NAFLD mice. NAFLD patients were stratified as low-risk-obesity, BMI  35 (N = 28). Anti-HBs titers were lower in medium/high-risk obesity, 385 IU/L ± 79 vs. low-risk obesity class, 642 IU/L ± 68.2, p = 0.02. High-risk obesity cases, N = 14 showed lower vaccine-specific-CD3+ CD4+ T-cell response compared to low-risk obesity patients, N = 17, p = 0.02. Low vaccine responders showed dysfunctional pTFH. NAFLD mice showed lower anti-HBs levels and T-cell response vs. controls. In conclusion, we report here that obese individuals with NAFLD exhibit decreased HBV vaccine-specific immune responses.