Against the background of aging, there is an increase in the number of diseases associated with age, geriatric syndromes that contribute to the development of disorders of physical and functional activity, the risk of disability and mortality increases. One of the widespread diseases is chronic kidney disease (CKD), which is dangerous not only in itself, but also as a factor in the progression of other age-associated diseases and geriatric syndromes, including frailty and sarcopenia. Among patients of older age groups, CKD is more common in women than in men. A number of researchers are studying the problems of polymorbidity, the development and progression of geriatric syndromes in patients with CKD in the pre-dialysis and dialysis stages. Undoubtedly, the negative role of severe late stages of CKD in the development of senile asthenia and sarcopenia, at the same time, the relationship of these geriatric syndromes with early pre-dialysis stages of CKD has been insufficiently studied. Therefore, it is of undoubted scientific interest to identify correlations between signs of sarcopenia and frailty in elderly and senile women, depending on renal function, stage of CKD.