Multiple sclerosis (MS) is often associated with fatigue, with an increased prevalence of sleep disorders compared to the general population, notably restless legs syndrome (RLS). The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and severity of RLS as well the co-occurrence of spinal demyelination lesions in patients with MS in Lebanon.
In this cross-sectional study, we consulted the MS database of the Lebanese association against Multiple Sclerosis and sent out questionnaires to 300 MS patients to screen then confirm the presence of RLS. The final sample included 28 MS participants with confirmed RLS. We conducted further questionnaires to collect demographic data, screen for comorbidities, gather spinal MRI results, and evaluate the severity of both diseases (using the EDSS and the JHRLSS).
Prevalence of RLS was 15% among MS patients in our study. 46.4% of RLS-affected MS patients had spinal cord demyelination lesions on their MRIs. Participants with MRI lesions had a lower severity score on the JHRLSS (p = 0.088). No association was found between the EDSS results and JHRLSS, demographic data, or comorbidities.
Restless legs syndrome is commonly found among patients with multiple sclerosis in Lebanon, is underdiagnosed, and ought to be systematically evaluated for in order to improve the patients’ quality of life.

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