Rotaviruses infection is one of the main causes of diarrhea among infants and children in the world, resulting in rotavirus gastroenteritis, which is very harmful and has caused a huge disease burden and no specific drug treatment. This paper reviews the rotavirus etiology, epidemiological characteristics, disease burden of rotavirus gastroenteritis and rotavirus vaccines. RV in group A is the main cause of acute gastroenteritis in infants, people at all ages are generally susceptible to RV, 3 to 24 months infants have the most severe symptoms of diarrhea, RVGE epidemic is seasonal and peaks in winter, increasing RV vaccination can reduce the incidence and mortality of rotavirus diarrhea in infants to reduce the burden of corresponding disease. This article focuses on RV vaccines currently in use and their effect on preventing RV infection, and put forward thoughts and suggestions on technical issues related to the application of RV vaccine in China. Provide support for improving the RV vaccine immunization strategy and Chinese-specific immunization strategy for eventually incorporating RV vaccine into the national child immunization program.