1. Same appointment mammogram results had a positive impact on breast cancer screening experience among 48% of patients, however this was not statistically significant

Evidence Rating Level: 2 (Good)

Breast cancer screening, although beneficial, is associated with anxiety and psychological stress. Annual screening is recommended for women in the US at age 40 for those of average risk, and 30 for those of high risk. Previous studies have reported that personal experience is an important incentive towards screening compliance. This quality improvement survey analysis  involved 185 patients who opted for screen day results, with the attempt to reduce breast cancer screening related anxiety and result wait times. The patients served as their own controls and completed a survey that focused on various aspects of patient satisfaction, comparing their same day result appointment with prior appointments when they did not receive same day appointment results. With same day results, 47% of patients reported no difference in their screening experience, 5% reported a worse experience and 48% reported improvement in their screening experience, the increase in satisfaction was not statistically significant. Limitations to this study include comparing to prior appointments which may have led to recall bias, only on center was used which may not have been representative of all patient populations, and no other information was collected to identify confounding variables. Future studies may be needed to further investigate whether same day appointment results can increase patient satisfaction, reduced anxiety and distress and possibly lead to increased compliance in breast cancer screening.

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