Chondrolaryngoplasty or reduction of laryngeal prominence is a gender affirmation surgery for transgender women, or for male patients desiring an aesthetic surgery. Several variations of the procedure were suggested, yet to date, all described chondrolaryngoplasty procedures involved a visible neck scar. To describe a novel technique for scarless chondrolaryngoplasty, transoral endoscopic vestibular approach (TOEVA)-chondrolaryngoplasty, and to report the results of first ever performed cases. This was a prospective cohort at an academic referral center. Adult transgender women, interested in chondrolaryngoplasty who never had previous surgery of their neck or vocal folds, were offered both transcervical chondrolaryngoplasty and scarless TOEVA-chondrolaryngoplasty. Four patients aged 21 to 33 years, who preferred TOEVA-chondrolaryngoplasty, were consented and recruited. The surgical technique was successfully examined on two cadavers. Subsequently, all surgical procedures were conducted according to the described study protocol and technique, between April and June 2019. Vocal assessment was recorded preoperatively and repeated 4 to 6 weeks after surgery for comparison. Surgical documentations as well as adverse surgical events and complications were recorded. To measure outcome, 1-2 months postoperatively, all patients filled an outcome instrument for aesthetic chondrolaryngoplasty (seven questions on a 5-point Likert scale) based on previously designed questionnaires for chondrolaryngoplasty and facial plastic surgery. Duration of operative time ranged from 90 to 150 min. No adverse events or complications were recorded during surgery. All patients were discharged 1 day postoperatively. A single patient had a mild temporary mental hypoesthesia that resolved 2 months after surgery, no other complications were encountered. Vocal folds’ function remained unchanged in all four patients. All operated patients were highly satisfied with the surgical results as measured by the outcome instrument; three out of the four patients responded with perfect scores, and the fourth patient responded with 90% of the perfect score. This report is the first description of scarless chondrolaryngoplasty through TOEVA. On a series of four patients, TOEVA-chondrolaryngoplasty appeared to be safe, with no adverse events or major complication, and with extremely high patient satisfaction. Further clinical evidence is required to establish a widespread use of this surgical technique. NA.