a migraine is a neurological disease. Copy number variation (CNV) is a phenomenon in which parts of the genome are repeated. We investigated the effects of the CNV and gene expression at the location 15q13.3 in the Cholinergic Receptor Nicotinic Alpha 7 Subunit () gene, which we believe to be effective in the migraine clinic.
we evaluated changes in gene expression levels and CNV of 15q13.3 in patients with migraine ( = 102, with aura, = 43; without aura, = 59) according to healthy controls ( = 120) by q-PCR. The data obtained were analyzed against the reference telomerase reverse transcriptase () gene with the double copy number by standard curve analysis. Copy numbers were graded as a normal copy (2), gain (2>), and loss (<2).
we analyzed using the 2 calculation method. The gene was significantly downregulated in patients ( < 0.05). The analysis of CNV in the gene was statistically significant in the patient group, according to healthy controls ( 0.05). The change in CNV was not associated with the downregulation of the gene.
Downregulation of the gene may contribute to the formation of migraine by inactivation of the alpha-7 nicotinic receptor (α7nAChR). The association of CNV gains and losses with migraines will lead to better understanding of the molecular mechanisms and pathogenesis, to better define the disease, to be used as a treatment target.