Obesity is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction and atherosclerosis. Lipocalin-2 is an adipocytokine with proinflammatory properties involved in several disorders with metabolic alterations. Our aim was to study the relation of serum lipocalin-2 and carotid artery intima-media thickness (CIMT) to obesity in erectile dysfunction. Serum lipocalin-2 and CIMT were measured in 25 obese and 25 nonobese eugonadal patients over forty with venogenic erectile dysfunction and 25 healthy controls. Their relation to different patient- and disease-related parameters was studied. Results revealed lipocalin-2 to be significantly higher in obese compared with nonobese patients and with controls, and in nonobese patients compared with controls. CIMT was lower in controls compared with both obese and nonobese patients. In obese and nonobese patients, lipocalin-2 was positively correlated with disease duration, body mass index, waist circumference and end-diastolic velocity. Lipocalin-2 was negatively correlated with the short form of the international index of erectile function scores in both groups. In conclusion, the elevated lipocalin-2 in obese and to a lesser extent in nonobese patients and its association with disease severity points to its potential value as a diagnostic marker and a possible therapeutic target that could ameliorate the metabolic derangement associated with erectile dysfunction.
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