Outcome data following transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR) with the MITRACLIP® device are scarce outside the pivotal randomized controlled trials.
The Nationwide Readmission Data base (NRD) was utilized for years 2013-2017 to identify the study population. Thirty-day readmission pattern, in-hospital complications, causes of readmissions, and multivariate predictors for readmission, complications and mortality were explored.
We noted a total of 14,647 index admissions related to MITRACLIP of which 48% of procedures were performed at high volume centers (Annual hospital volume ≥ 25). A total of 15% of patients were readmitted within 30 days of discharge most frequently due to cardiac causes. Approximately 33% of patients were discharged within 24 h of the procedure. The in-hospital mortality rate was 2.8% and in-hospital complication rate was 14.6%. The most common complications were cardiac complications (8.2%), bleeding related complications (5.9%) and vascular complications (0.65%). On multivariate modeling, female sex, CHF, Atrial fibrillation, prior PCI, COPD, CKD, transfer to skilled nursing facility, length of stay ≥2 days were associated with a high risk of readmission. Additionally, coagulopathy, chronic kidney disease and lengthier hospital stays were associated with high risk of complication or death.
The 30-day readmission rate following commercial treatment with the MITRACLIP device is 15%. Half of these admission were from a cardiac etiology. Heart failure, atrial arrhythmias and clip related complications round out the top 3 cardiac reasons for readmission. There was no impact of hospital size, teaching status or case volume on mortality and in hospital complication rates.

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