The present study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy and safety of simultaneous resection of colorectal cancer (CRC) and synchronous liver metastases (SCRLM) in a group of elderly Chinese patients regarding the population aging in China.
From January 1st 2010 to May 1st 2015, 24 out of 32 elderly patients who underwent simultaneous resection of CRC and SCRLM were matched with 24 out of 55 young patients based on the propensity scores. Perioperative results and survival outcomes were compared.
The demographic and cancer characteristics were comparable between the two groups. The postoperative duration of intensive nursing care in the elderly group was significantly longer than that in the young group [5.00 (4.00-6.75) vs. 6.50 (5.00-9.00) days, p=0.038]. No significant between-group difference was observed with respect to time to first defecation, length of postoperative hospital stay, or postoperative complication rate. There was no significant difference with respect to 3-year overall and disease-free survival rates between the two groups.
Simultaneous resection of CRC and SCRLM was safe and feasible in elderly patients, with reasonable 3-year survival rates. Age per se should not be considered as a contraindication for simultaneous resection of CRC and SCRLM.