Inguinal lymph node dissection (ILND) is essential to the accurate staging of advanced penile cancer and in determining prognosis. Open ILND is associated with significant morbidity. The robotic-assisted approach has been described with comparable nodal yield with the advantage of decreased postoperative complications when studied with the multiport robotic platform. This video shows our approach for an ILND with the Intuitive single port (SP) robotic platform.
A 54-year-old man underwent a partial penectomy for a penile mass that revealed squamous cell carcinoma invading the corpus spongiosum (pT2). Patient had non-palpable lymph nodes on physical examination. We proceeded with the bilateral inguinal lymph node dissection using the Intuitive da Vinci Single-Port Robot.
A standard template dissection was performed on both sides. Due to nodal enlargement noted on the pre-operative CT scan on the right side, superficial and deep ILND were performed on that side. Intra-operative frozen section pathologies of superficial lymph nodes were negative on the left side. Bilateral saphenous veins were preserved. Total procedure time was 4 hours and 51 minutes in duration with minimal blood loss noted (<30 mL). Pathology revealed one 4.5cm superficial positive node on the right with no extra-nodal extension and no other positive nodes. No complications were noted. He was discharged on post-operative day 1 with minimal pain or leg swelling.
We describe the technique and feasibility of ILND using the SP robotic platform. This approach has the potential to reduce morbidity with comparable nodal dissection as the open approach.

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