Early diagnosis of malignant skin cancer from images is a significant part of the cancer treatment process. One of the principal purposes of this research is to propose a pipeline methodology for an optimum computer-aided diagnosis of skin cancers. The method contains four main stages. The first stage is to perform a preprocessing based on noise reduction and contrast enhancement. The second stage is to segment the region of interest (ROI). This study uses kernel fuzzy C-means for ROI segmentation. Then, some features from the ROI are extracted, and then, a feature selection is used for selecting the best ones. The selected features are then injected into a support vector machine (SVM) for final identification. One important part of the contribution in this study is to propose a developed version of a new metaheuristic, named neural network optimization algorithm, to optimize both parts of feature selection and SVM classifier. Comparison results of the method with 5 state-of-the-art methods showed the approach’s higher superiority toward the others.
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