The aim of study is to evaluate the aesthetic outcome of specific formulated cosmeceutical product to mask and reduce the appearance surgical scars or unappealing skin tags in chronic diseases, such as cancer.
In a spontaneous, anecdotal, retrospective study, 26 patients with skin disorders appealed to Second Opinion Medical Network (Modena, Italy), required masking and improving the skin appearance. To evaluate the aesthetic improvement of skin imperfections, a gel-cream containing 10% of acetyl hexapeptide-8 (registered trademark Argireline®) was selected, that can be applied directly upon the lesion, followed by a light massage in the treated area for a few minutes.
The skin quality parameters (hydration, elasticity, sebum), photographs and investigators clinical assessment have been performed before and after the treatment and demonstrated that this cream significantly improved the skin values and the self-image expectation of each patient. No allergic reactions were documented during the period treatment.
The topical administration of this cosmeceutical cream is a safe and effective alternative to the invasive procedures, to improve the quality of life in patients with some skin disorders such as cancer, surgical scars, hidradenitis, aging wrinkles.