Meningioma is the most common type of benign primary brain tumor that is rarely associated with distant metastasis. No established treatment strategy for metastatic meningiomas exists to date. Herein, we report a case of solitary pulmonary metastasis of meningioma detected 2 years after neurosurgical resection of the primary tumor.
A 75-year-old male patient underwent neurosurgical resection of a convexity meningioma (World Health Organization grade II atypical meningioma), followed by postoperative radiotherapy for the residual tumor. Two postoperative years later, a solitary 10-mm pulmonary nodule in the left lower lung lobe was detected on chest computed tomography. The patient underwent video-assisted thoracoscopic left lower lobectomy for suspected pulmonary metastasis of meningioma. The pathological diagnosis was solitary pulmonary metastasis of meningioma. No sign of further recurrence was noted at 8 months postoperatively.
We present a rare and unique surgical case of solitary pulmonary metastasis of meningioma. Further investigation is necessary to establish the standardized treatment strategy for metastatic meningiomas.

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