To identify the innovations in teaching of Geriatrics at the Spanish Medical Schools.
Interviews with those responsible for Geriatrics teaching at the Spanish Medical Schools through a short online survey. Existing Geriatrics curricula and responsible professors were identified by reviewing the curricula of the different Medical Schools.
35 of the 42 Medical Schools incorporated teaching in Geriatrics in 2019 with an answer rate of 94.3%. Regarding Geriatrics training it stand out classic methods (master classes, clinical rotations, and theoretical seminars), followed by innovation of teaching programs (clinical simulation and use of new technologies). While OSCE and portfolio stand out among the innovative evaluation tools of Geriatrics teaching. Of the 33 Medical Schools with Geriatrics teaching surveyed, 60.6% of them included the use of at least one innovative teaching or evaluation methodology.
Although the classical model predominates as a teaching methodology in Geriatrics, different innovations are also used in the undergraduate teaching in Spain. It is necessary to continue working in this area that may help a better level of skills in Geriatrics for our students.

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